Our chocolate bars are created using single-origin chocolate as well as premium courvature blends. Each bar has its own unique tasting notes that are accentuated with the creative garnishes unique to Chocolate Haven.

Choosing a chocolate bar should not come down to guessing what is underneath the packaging. With our bars, you can clearly see what you’re getting into. Our packaging is 100% recyclable!

While we personally find our pre-designed bars delicious and eloquent, we at Chocolate Haven understand that perhaps you’ll like a chocolate bar of your own design or vision even more. Please contact us with your special request and one of our chocolate artists will get in contact and explore options on how to best fulfill your vision.


London Fog

(white chocolate, vanilla, natural essence)
While utilizing a dairy-rich courvature, we’ve infused the natural flavours of the classic tea beverage to create a delicious combination. Enjoy it on it’s own or with your favourite Earl Grey tea.

Tiramisu Bar

(blonde chocolate, coffee, cinnamon)
Classically, an Italian coffee/cinnamon flavoured dessert, we converted it into one of our best-selling chocolate bars!  As the chocolate melts, you will find a wonderful and familiar flavour, texture, and viscosity.


Tortoise Bar

(milk chocolate, chopped pecans, toffee)
“Am I not tortoise-y enough for the ‘Tortoise Club’?” A familiar flavour of pecans and caramel cover a wholesome milk chocolate. Three similar flavours; three distinct flavours. An ever-harmonious trio.

PB & J

(milk chocolate, peanut, raspberry)
Arguably the most nostalgic flavour of our generation, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off this perfect experiment that surpassed our wildest expectations! No crusts!

Salty Toffee

(Organic, Chilean 55% chocolate, toffee, Maldon salt)
“Do I want a dark chocolate or a milk chocolate?” “Do I want a salty treat or a sweet one?” This bar solves all of your problems.

Harmony Bar

(63% dark chocolate, organic raisins, cranberries)
A premium bittersweet courvature paired with dried berries. The combination of acids and sugars in the bar creates a perfect environment for wine pairings. We recommend Zinfandel/Primitivo and Amarone della Valpolicella wines.

Dark Tortoise Bar

(63% Brazillian dark chocolate, pecans, toffee)

We took our Tortoise Bar and switched out the chocolate! The bittersweet chocolate provides a healthy contrast to the sweet toffee and pecans. My mother taught me that everything is better with dark chocolate.

Pink S&P Bar

(Venezuelan 72% dark chocolate, pink Himalayan salt, pink peppercorn)
A different take on a modern flavour. The dark chocolate is strong and has a well-defined flavour; the pink peppercorn creates a mild floral-like presence; the salt contrasts the bitter chocolate.